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Amazon Sidewalk feature connects your internet with others


Amazon devices including Echo, Alexa, Ring Doorbell and Floodlight camera will now automatically connect to Amazon Sidewalk. Jim Margolis, the owner of Margolis Technologies Inc, said many Amazon Alexa users are already enrolled in the newest service even though they likely don’t know it.


“That’s what sort of angered a lot of Alexa users and Amazon customers - they didn’t make it an opt-in,” Margolis said. “They made it an opt-out. So unless you actively go and turn it off, you are part of the network already.” Here’s how it works: If your internet goes down and you have Sidewalk enabled, your Amazon devices will still work and can still send you alerts. That’s because those devices will latch on to a nearby internet connection. “It’s turning on a mesh network that Echo and Alexa devices have in them, to extend (where) the Wi-Fi network can go,” Margolis said.


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