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Coyote kills pet dog with owner close by (Treasure Coast)


Jason Kozuszko said his dog, Kai, was known as the mayor of his Port St. Lucie neighborhood. He was everybody’s friend.


And that’s why everybody is so hurt that Kai was killed by a coyote in his own front yard. “I heard him growl a little bit,” Kozuszko said. “And then I heard him screaming.” It was a week ago Sunday, around 5:30 a.m. Kozuszko was drinking his coffee on the front patio. Kai was in the grass right in front of him.

And just like that, so was the coyote. “I stood up, came over here,” Kozuszko said, pointing to a spot in his front yard. “I yelled, ‘Kai!’ At that point, the coyote had the dog in his mouth.” Kai got away but later died from his injuries. A local trapper said attacks like that are becoming more and more common.


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